About Us


Rhedeont Photography is a combination of two photographers: Kali R. Rogers-Smith and Darryl D. Smith. We are traveling photographers located in Dallas-Fort Worth. Both of us are very passionate about photography and want to capture memorable moments and freeze them in time.

Our style of work is virtually unlimited. From shooting portraits to weddings to events to portraits, we can tackle any challenge. Our goal is to handle any project with professionalism and shoot it to perfection.

From the fingers of Kali:

How did you and Darryl meet?
Surprisingly, we met through Twitter in 2009 and then met in person the year after.  I’m very thankful to have met him.

What made you interested in photography?
I think my interest in photography was curbed when I started picking up magazines and photo books at an early age.  I used to collect magazines like 3-2-1 Contact, Teen People, Blaze (defunct), and Vibe, as well as older fashion books that my mother had while she studying fashion design, around the age of 11.  I wasn’t always interested in the articles, the interviews, the design layout, but rather the photos.  The more I started collecting magazines as I got older, the more I realized that I should pick up a camera and start taking pictures as a hobby.

What does “Rhedeont” stand for?
It’s a variation of the word “radiant”involving our middle names.  I came up with it.  :-P

What’s your favorite photo that you’ve taken?
I actually have two:  The first photo that comes to mind is one I took of a sign that says “no pictures” on a mirror in New Orleans.  Hey, art is meant to be ambitious, right?  Second is a photo that I took during a Yankees game.  It was with a black and white disposable camera.  I really liked the way it turned out.

If you had to pick a dream city to live in, what would it be?
I would say New Orleans.  The first time I arrived in New Orleans, I immediately fell in love with it.  A note to aspiring photographers who haven’t been there before:  It’s a very photogenic city.

From the fingers of Darryl:

What was your first camera?
A Polaroid camera my dad bought me when I was 10 or 11. I remember trying to get a squirrel in the tree across the street. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t have a zoom lens, so I wasn’t able to get the squirrel the way I would’ve liked. But it did get my interest in the business going. Another unfortunately though — film cost too much so I only used the Polaroid two or three times before I was done with it.

What made you realize that you had a love for photography?
I first fell in love with photography when I got my first SLR camera. That was the Canon Digital Rebel, the first and silver one. I loved that camera a lot. The pictures I was taking made my previous Polaroid and Kodak Easyshare photos look completely pathetic LOL! But at least I’ve come a long way from that.

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced as a photographer?
The most difficult thing was saying no to friends about free photos. I’m a very nice guy, but a lot of times, people take that for granted. Friends did it a lot when it came to photos, whether intentionally or unintentionally. When I finally started saying “No”, that’s when I realized who my true friends were. I guess you can say that ability is a gift and a curse, but moreso a gift.

What is your dream camera?
I would have to say a film/digital camera. I know that sounds weird, but it’d be a cool concept. A film camera that actually shoots digitally. There’s nothing like that gritty film look, especially with high ISO and the feel of the film. Maybe it’s possible without the use of filters. One day, Canon. One day.

Name a notable person that you would like to shoot in the future.
I’d have to go with my mom. I’ve never taken any “professional” pictures of her ever. Maybe it’s because she dislikes taking pictures so much. But one day, I’ll have to tie her to a chair and take photos of her LOL!