Top 5 Photos from the 2011 State Farm Bayou Classic

Below are the top 5 photos from the 2011 State Farm Bayou Classic as told by photographer Darryl D. Smith:

Why this photo: This photo really said a lot about Dawrence Roberts. He’s an explosive RB, and he finally went in for the touchdown to really put the game away. His emotion said so much to me as he celebrated. It reminded me of an Ab Kuaan photo I took years ago.

Why this photo: Mario Louis is a freak of nature when it comes to catching the ball. This photo proves it. While he was ruled out by the referees, I feel this photo has to make the cut because of the catch. Not too many people can make this catch every game, but Louis continues to defy the odds. I just love the reach and focus he has on the ball.

Why this photo: This photo just tells the character of Dr. Larry J. Pannell in my opinion. The lighting makes him looks mysterious, which he can be. The lighting also makes him look quite exciting, which he is. I love the placement of this photo with the Mercedez-Benz logo in the background as well, which is described as a unique car. Doc is a unique human being, and this photo describes him perfectly. Only thing I hate is that his hand is cut off, but still an awesome photo.

Why this photo: Mario Louis gets another pick in this game. This time, the touchdown counted. What I really love about the photo is that you can see his eyes, focused squarely on the ball. It looks like he shouldn’t have caught it, but Louis is something else. The catch helped put Grambling up 10-0, and put them in cruise control for the rest of the game.

Why this photo: While this shot did not come at the end of the game, it explained everything Southern University was going through. They couldn’t get anything going offensively, and their defense could barely stop Grambling’s offensive gameplan. It was a physical game resulting in some injuries, and this photo just explains it all. I couldn’t help but take the photo.


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  1. Van says:

    I love these types of photos. They show so much emotion. And it always brings me back to the statement That a picture is worth a thousand words.

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